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What do we do during Visit to Antenatal Clinic

Assalamualaikum. Hari nih rasa nak post and share a little bit of what actually do we do during the visit to the clinic for all pregnant women. Mesti ada sesetengah ibu mengandung yg wondering, kenape everytime dtg clinic, the same assessment, sometimes ada jugak extra tests will be done on us by our attending doc and midwives. Have you ever wonder, why we need to undergo all the assessments and what are the reasons behind all the tests/check ups? Maybe this post will give you brief ideas, serba sedikit knowledge (i know i'm not a doctor, tapi i have done a lot of reading and googled and my own experienced with my doc's consultation about this), therefore, i think i can share a little bit about this.

Firstly, the frequency of the visits. For to-be moms, you ladies must be wondering, when is the perfect time to do check-up once your are confirmed pregnant? Sebab aku dulu mcm tuh, right after pergi clinic utk sahkan aku pregnant, aku cam tertanya2, bila masa sesuai utk dapatkan consultation dari O&G specialist. From the book The Complete Book of Mother and Baby Care by Elizabeth Fenwick, the first visit to the clinic takes place at about 12 weeks of pregnancy, and to go once a month until 28 weeks. Visits become more frequent after this, every 2 weeks until you are 36 weeks pregnant. And that is what i experienced, and now i'm entering 37 weeks, i was asked to meet my gynae every week.

Below are the routine tests that have been carried out by the doc/midwife at every visit, to check that the pregnancy is progressing normally;

Test #1: Urine Sample on every visit
Why this test is a must:
  • traces of sugar, which if found repeatedly, could be a sign of diabetes
  • traces of protein, which could indicate that your kidneys are not working properly. If protein is found in your urine later in pregnancy, this could be sign of pre-eclampsia
How is the test being done?
You will be given a sterile swab of cotton wool to wipe yourself clean with, and a sterile container to pass the urine into. Pass a small amount of urine into the lavatory, and the collect the rest in the container, it is tested on the spot

Test #2: Height measurement (first visit)
Your height will be measured, the reason is this will be a guide to the size of your pelvis, remember dear ladies, a small pelvis can sometimes mean a difficult delivery. If you are over 152 cm tall, you are unlikely to have difficulties, unless you are carrying an unusually large baby. Want to know more about the relations between maternal height and pelvis size, please click here. There are some studies being done to show the maternal height and shoe size as predictors of pelvic: as an assessment.

Test #3: Weight measurement during every visit
You will be weighed at each visit to check that you are gaining weight properly. Ladies, don't worry if you are losing some weight during the first 3 months because of morning sickness, as this is usual,. If you gain weight suddenly in late pregnancy, this can be sign of pre-eclampsia.

Test #4: Blood Tests on first visit
Some blood will be taken from your arm to check:
  • your main blood group and your rhesus blood group
  • that you are not anemic; your blood will be tested for this again at about week 32
  • that you are immune to German measles (rubella)
  • that you do not have a sexually transmitted disease; e.g syphilis, which must be treated before week 20 if it is not to harm the baby

Test #5: General Examination during first visit
The doc/midwife will examine you physically, and listen to your heart and lungs. Your breast will be checked for lumps and inverted nipples. You will probably be asked about your dental health, and encouraged to go for a check-up.

Test #6: Blood Pressure on every visit
Your blood pressure is slightly lower in pregnancy, and it is measured regularly to detect any sudden rises and keep them under control. Normal blood pressure is about 120/70, and there will be cause of concern if your blood pressure rises above 140/90. Please take note ya all dear ladies, ramai yg tak tahu about this important thing.
Raised blood pressure can be a sign a number of problems, including pre-eclampsia. However, the stress of visiting a busy antenatal clinic, and waiting for the tests to be done, can also cause a higher reading than normal, so your blood pressure may be taken again. Ask the midwife to tell what your blood pressure is, if she does not mention it to you directly. It should be written on your notes or co-op card.

Test #7: Legs, Ankles and Hands on every visit
The doc/midwife will look at your lower legs, ankles and hands, and feel them to check there is no swelling or puffiness (oedema). A little swelling in the last weeks of pregnancy is normal, especially at the end of the day, but excessive swelling may be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Your legs will also be checked for varicose veins.

Above are some of the routine tests done during check ups at most of the clinics. Ada extra tests also being done such as Ultrasound scan, test to detect diabetes, serum screening, etc. That one will be on my next post, InsyAllah. For those who wants to know more details about pregnancy, skrg nih dekat bookshop dah banyak sangat jual buku guidance pasal pregnancy, tak jadi masalah utk mencari info ttg pregnancy, but this type of book mmg a little bit expensive la, no doubt la because byk colored pics and graphic yg menarik utk mudah difahami.  some more, internet pon dah ada skrg, just google anything you think you want to know more about. Sepanjang aku pregnant nih, aku ada baca 2 buku pasal pregnancy, and i think both really help me to understand and provide me info about pregnancy stages. Boleh lah usha mana2 bookstore, try carik buku seperti di bawah, simple words and easy to understand. Gambar pon byk dan menarik :) Good luck, ladies!

Book 1: BabyCenter Pregnancy from Preconception to Birth
Author: Linda J Murray
Price: Around RM70 ++

Book 2: The Complete Book of Mother & Baby Care
Author: Elizabeth Fenwick
Price: Tak tahu exact price because my sister lent this book to me. Thanks to her :)


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