Monday, October 8, 2012

5th visit to see Dr. Suhaiza

Today, 8th October 2012, i was scheduled to see my Gynae for weekly check-up. Firstly, nak introduce dulu who is my O&G doc, her name is Dr. Suhaiza Salleh, and stationed at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur. tak tahu exact age dia but her age is around mid 40's. kenapa pilih dia as my gynae doc, sebab reference daripada kakak sulung as one of her patient before this, and my sister highly recommend her to be my gynae doc sebab kakak kata dia very polite and sempoi. mula2 before i met her, i did not really believe what my sister told me, tapi after dah jumpa, terbukti dengan sahihnya dr. suhaiza nih sangat lah peramah dan mesra alam, plus hot plak tuhh tak mcm umur 40. jarang jumpa doc treat patient dia mcm dah lama kenal, and the best part is, if nak kongsi anything with her (of course la pasal pregnancy), tak rasa kekok atau janggal rasa mcm die kakak sendiri, boleh tanya anything eventho the questions seems too stupid to ask.hahaha. a little bit about her background, she is quite new at Gleneagles Ampang, before this she practiced o&g for about 7 years at UK, after that she decided to work best at M'sia, berbakti pada anak bangsa la konon katanya. tapi dari segi cara dia bercakap, seriously tak mcm org melayu yg dah lama tinggal oversea sebab die teramat la sempoi, takde nak speaking english gedik terlebih2, that's why i feel sooo comfortable anytime i had an appointment with her. as usual, anybody yg tgh pregnant and looking for o&g doc, i recommend you to have her as your o&G consultant, she is a nice doc. 

OK back to the story, gerak from rumah at 8 am, dgn harapan boleh sampai awal sebab usually after 3 times check up i went alone, jem tuh tak la teruk mana, if gerak at 8 am msti dalam 9 am dah sampai, tapi today not so lucky, we stucked with heavy traffic jam dekat MRR2, we arrived at Gleneagles around 10 am. 2 hours journey tuuuu, kesian hubby kene drive all the way, luckily dia tak ada nak rushing2 pergi office or ada urusan lain sebab dia dah informed earlier to his boss about this visit. kalau dia ada urusan lain, confirm dah emo plus sakit kepala plus marah-marah masa tgh jem2 tuh. biasa lah lelaki, mmg sifatnye begitu, wacehwah. OK sesampai je dekat hosp, pergi jumpa asst. doc diabetes dulu utk queue file dulu, sebab Dr. Faridah Ismail clinic nih mmg tak pernah tak ada org, even dah set appointment pon mesti kene tunggu at least plg kejap 45 minutes, org memanjang ramai campur dengan walk in patient nye. lepas check sugar, alhamdulillah OK, within tolerable range, straight pegi clinic Dr. Suhaiza plak. buat usual check-up, urine test, measure blood pressure, after 10 minutes masuk jumpa dr. suhaiza. 

Some of things that we discussed and did today:
  • birth plan consultation - Dr. Suhaiza advised a little bit about pain relief, EDD probably will be slightly earlier since i was diagnosed with Gastrodigestional Diabetes, probably on 22nd Oct will be my planned delivery date. 
  • 2D baby scan - alhamdulillah, baby now is 2.5kg, heart beat normal, peraliran darah di tali pusat normal, and everything looks good :D
  • Streptococcus Group B Bacteria assessment - test nih di buat pada semua pregnant woman di akhir stage of pregnancy. to know more about this, please click here. a little bit what i understood is, 1 of 4 pregnant women menghidapi jangkitan bacteria jenis ni, tak akan effect mother, tapi akan memberi kesan yg agak serious pada bayi pada kelahiran nnt. The test involves a swab of both the vagina and the rectum. the sample is then taken to a lab where a culture is analyzed for any presence of this bacteria. Test results are usually available within 24 - 48 hours. Semoga aku bebas dari jangkitan kuman nih. amin.
  • registration for delivery admission - so that tayah kelam kabut later if emergency nak deliver
Lepas tuh pergi jumpa Dr. Faridah, dia tgk record blood monitoring, syukur alhamdulillah, she said everything seems normal, cuma at late pregnancy stage nih, kene lagi berhati2 dengan pengambilan makanan bergula, the reason being is later when the baby is born, she will be a little bit weak because she depends too much on the sugar supplied by the mom while she is in the womb. Jadi, kena practise biar dalam womb baby sendiri aktif not because of over supplied sugar, tapi kadar nutrien yg seimbang.

After jumpe Dr. Faridah, we went straight home. Oh lupe, since dah menyusahkan husband teman one whole day, kami pon singgah sebentar di kedai game kegemaran husband, and guess what he bought for himself? game kegemarannye, Battlefield 3 (tak ape lah, main lah puas2...nnti dah ada baby tak de mase de nak ngadap ps3 tuh lagi dah..hehe).. OK next appointment will be on the 15th October 2012. hopefully, everything goes well. Ameen :D

Jem di MRR2 - it took 2 hours for us to arrive at the hosp. kalau time nih emergency nak deliver, tatahu lah nk ckp ape. redha je lah. mintak simpang laa...

my baby progress :D

this is the birth plan worksheet - nampak nama kat situ, i want my husband and my mom to be present during labor (in case terberanak before mama pegi Haji la of course)

admission card - just bring this card bila sampai masa nak deliver

best part! my 8 days MC - yeay cuti dan berehat

ini lah dia game baru kesayangan suami saya


  1. Hi? Can you share your experience with Dr. Suhaiza during your check up and delivery? Someone recommended her to me and I wanted to get your opinion since it seems you went to her for your baby. Thanks.

  2. Hi , would like to know a bit more bout this doc. I am in my early pregnancy, so still choosing to be my gynae and hich hosp to go. Care to email at me or wasap me?

  3. Hi,
    My name´s Sara. I´m new here in KL. Can I ask you about your experience with Dr. Suhaiza!! I need to go to the good doctor Urgently.. Did you have wasap to contact with you!!!

    I´m watting your reply ASAP.

    Thanks in advance ;)

  4. Suka Dr. Suhaiza! Very friendly and comforting. She was also really supportive during the delivery process. Would definitely go to her again :)

  5. may i know charges ? consultation and scan? :) TQ

  6. may i know charges ? consultation and scan? :) TQ

  7. Hi, may i know your experience with Dr. Suhaiza Salleh during the checkups and during the delivery. I opt to go for normal delivery, so how is she for that?