Saturday, October 6, 2012

A short break

OK, pada 5th October 2012, aku dah hubby went for a short vacation dekat Grand Lexis, Port Dickson sempena menyambut our 1st anniversary perkahwinan kami. Actually, anniversary kami was on 16th September 2012, tapi we did not have the opportunity to celebrate it together since my husband was away for job commitment somewhere at China. To tell you the truth, pada hari anniversary tuh, sejujur2nya, hati sedikit kecewa sebab tak boleh celebrate together, tapi somehow i managed to get it through dengan tough dan tabahnye until my husband was back from China on 29th September which was a week after our actual anniversary date. tak ape lah, benda dah lepas, let it go. ok back to main story, since this is the first time we celebrate our wedding anniversary, aku mcm sedikit beria preparing to suprise my hubs for anniversary gift. beria tahap google apa suprise gifts yg menarik utk di beri pada hubby. in the end, aku decide to buy him a jersey, a box of cupcakes and semuanya ada Manchester United punye unsur2 since he is one of MU fanatic fan so layan kan aje lah..hehe..OK actually this post is not meant to write about our anniversary celebration, sebenarnye nak bagi review pasal hotel Grand Lexis, we all stay for a night only. we stayed in a Deluxe Room.
what we have in the deluxe room:

  • 1 king size bed
  • Glass panel for underneath sea viewing
  • Private swimming pool
  • Dry Kitchenette
  • Separate bath and toilet
  • Rain shower
  • Wall mounted hairdryer
  • Mini fridge
  • In-room safe box
  • Astro - limited channels
  • 32" LCD flat screen TV
  • Coffee and tea making facilities
  • Electric kettle
  • Telephone
  • Ceiling mounted air-conditioner
  • Free WiFi access
OK start from check-in, we arrived there around 1 pm, went straight to the reception desk, penyambut tetamu mcm foreigner, greeted us politely, receptionist pon senyum je all the time, very welcoming lah masa sampai2 only took 3-5 minutes check-in process je, lepas tuh kami di hantar ke room naik buggy car, sebab mcm jaoh gak kalau nak menapak ada la dalam 250m..sampai2, masuk room tak tgk kiri kanan terus carik pool and mandi~ hehe..lama actually tak swim tuh beria tuh... below are some of the pictures sempat ambik..please enjoy :D

The room access card

The cupcakes specially made for him <3 p="p">

zoom sikit cupcake gambar MU katenye :P

 ouh ouh this is the best part - the private pool! yummyeh~

 viewing the sunset

 ops, selit sikit gambar konon romantic

husband jakun tgk ada see through glass boleh tgk pantai bawah room :O haha 

small but convenient dry kichenette 

 the toilet

pool view at night :D

tuh saje pics yg sempat di snap. overall rating i would give during my stay here is ummm 8 over 10. the breakfast at Duyung Cafe i think biase je..takde yg extraordinary pon, lebih kurang je mcm 4 stars hotels yg lain i guess. itu pendapat aku la, aku tatahu la opinion org len cuma the best part of this hotel i think because of the private pool tuh je main attraction dioerang and the friendly hotel staffs. whatever it is, i still recommend this hotel for a short stay just to relax and have a romantic moment with the love ones. oh lupe, quite pricey jugak the hotel tapi berbaloi la kot dengan keselesaannye.... :D

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