Sunday, October 7, 2012

a birthday gift :)

Review of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25

OK, aku dah lama usha nak beli camera instant nih..the reason being is because aku suka printed picture instead of softcopy. aku suka tampal dekat softboard which i bought at IKEA few months back. before this, aku pegi kedai and 'cuci' all the pics, for 4R it usually costs around RM0.50, and mmg aku byk print gambar 4R pon. since pregnant, lama dah tak buat benda konon kreatif print2 gambar tuh sebabnye malas nak pegi kedai dengan perut boyot2 and tunggu turn until gambar siap, huhu. besides, aku mcm tiba2 feeling rasa nak buat scrapbook utk insyAllah my newborn baby later, so i need lots of printed pics of my baby later, so jln mudah is by buying this instant camera (still i will capture my baby pics with digital camera, tapi utk disimpan di dlm laptop shj lah).. first thing first, as usual i googled a lot about which instant camera fits my purpose. and since my hubs agreed to buy it for my birthday present (dgn syarat must be less than rm 500), aku pon buat lah product comparison utk brand Fujifilm shj yg harga sama waktu dengannya.. antara model yg menjadi pilihan ialah instax mini 7s, instax mini 25 and instax mini see what are the difference between this 3 models, please click here..(exclude other brand since ada trusted reference said Fujifilm instant camera is the best in the market so far)..the biggest difference is for model mini 7s, exposure mode is set manually while mini 25 and mini 50s are auto-set exposure mode, which i think very convenient to use. and the biggest difference between mini 25 and mini 50s is, mini 50s has this self-timer shot mode with auto 2 consecutive shot feature which i think its cool. tapi price nya of course expensive than the mini 25 because of that feature (exceed my budget so i decided to exclude this model in my selection). at the end of the day, i picked the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 because the price is within the range and features pon OK, i do not need the self timer since my purpose is to snap my baby picture alone

Inside the box:
  • Instant camera "instax mini 25"
  • Strap
  • Close-up lens
  • Panasonic Batteries (CR2)
  • Instruction Manual
Front view of the box

 Back view of the box

Close-up lens 

tadaaa~ the FUJIFILM instax mini 25 camera 

 Front view

Back View

 The Panasonic CR2 Type Batteries x 2

Sample of picture taken using instax mini 25 

 1-year warranty card

side view

Lepas puas belek2 the camera and read the instruction manuals, i tried the quality of the picture produced. Cuak gak la nak test sebab FYI, why some people said this instant camera is expensive not because of the camera itself but the film yg mahal, so far the cheapest i can get is to buy online, and it costs around RM26 for 10pcs of film. tapi campur postage fee gedebuk gedebak mahu RM30 gak la, same goes if i buy it at any photo store, jadi average price for 10 pcs of mini film is around RM 30.huhu thats why if nak snap picture kena betul2 meaningful occasion baru la tak rase membazir sgt if snap picture yg kite nak. ( ye..aku seorg penjimat, so what's the problem?) oh, cerita pasal quality gambar tadi, secara jujurnya, i love the produced picture so much! sharp, and color nye mmg tak lari..tak blur and as you can see in the sample of picture above, the pic was snap at 6 pm, the environment was quite dark, with the built-in auto-flash feature, membuatkan gambar yg terhasil sungguh menarik dan tak blur. i am so going to recommend this product to anybody yg tgh nak carik instant camera. whatever it is, i already bought this instant camera, now nak carik materials utk buat scrapbook. Good luck for me!

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