Saturday, August 28, 2010

weekend di Psr Gdg :)

in front of the restaurant

the food :)

rumah papa n mama

look at the twin towers behind there..i told u ada twin tower dekat johor :P

last Saturday, my sisters and i went to masai or to be exact to my parents house at johor just to spent some quality time with them. the journey took approximately 4 hours from ampang to masai. ive been there before so i was like the co-pilot for the day. just simple direction lah, the easiest landmark there was TESCO and 2 tall buildings look like twin towers. yeah, johor pon ada twin towers okey. we arrived there at about 2 in the morning. papa didn't sleep yet so he was the one who greeted us that night. since this month is a fasting month, so we all stay up until sahur. we had long chit chat, gossips with papa and after that we had our sahur...

the next day, pagi2 buta dah bangun and woke up ujai, main depan rumah papa. papa rent a corner house so there was like a huge field next to the house. ujai, obviously will be the happiest person, lari sana sini tak ingat dunia, main kejar rabbit and all that. it was fun by the way. that night, we had our buka puasa at pasir gudang some sort of restaurant terapung, with great seafood and drinks. the food was wonderful. rate 7/10.. we took several pictures :)

the next morning, bangun quite lewat...and prepared to go back home...sedih...we had to leave papa and mama..but this was one of the best weekend ever~ nak pegi johor lagiiiiiiiiii :)

i don't understand.

people.when they feel mad at someone, they talk bad things behind them. they curse. they cry. they feel uneasy. some people can easily show their hatred to others directly. some people just plain hypocrite. this kind of people involves the deception of others and to be easily defined as a kind of lie. This kind of people live around me. to be exact, very close and near to me. their behavior keeps me thinking and wondering, how could they live in such kind of life? what were they thinking when they act differently the way they are supposed to act? were they pleased to do that or they really did not mean to be hypocrite? or were they don't even realize why did they act in such way? i would really love someone to give me answers for all the doubtful that keeps bugging me all day (especially when im around person who professes opinions that they don't hold in order to conceal their real feelings).

what will you feel when someone share their sad feelings, cry at you, telling you everything she dislikes about someone, but when she was with 'that' someone she told you all the bad things, she was like forgot everything she has just share with will you act? this is like so funny actually. how perfect she can changed for just a while. there's not much to say...these kind of people deserves to be hate. and i hate them. i hate her. really hope someday, someone will serve her right. stick to this...what you give, you'll get back...........