Thursday, October 11, 2012

An unexpected event :O

Last Tuesday, I had experienced something I wish i will never have to face it again, the pain caused by dislocated kneecap. The pain was unbearable but still i could hold myself from crying the moment my kneecap was dislocated.

Let me tell you the sequence of the event:

  1. 4.30 pm - Aku baru selesai mandi, menuju ke bilik tidur aku. A few minutes after that, my mom called me and showed me she have repaired the water heater switch (mak aku mmg terer bab2 repair barang elektrik nih)
  2. 4.35 pm - Went straight to my bedroom, duduk atas katil, this was when the incident took place. My left kneecap was dislocating on its own while i was trying to sit on my bed. Aku menjerit terus panggil mak aku, luckily my mom was near me, dengan pantas dia papah aku utk duduk. Sakitnya masa tuh Tuhan je yg tahu, tak dapat nak di describe kan. I managed to sit on the bed with my left leg kept straight vertically, but still my kneecap was not in the right location. It took about 15 minutes for me to properly sit on the bed. Mak aku nampak sedikit panik sebab tak pernah berhadapan dengan situasi mcm ni, tapi I told her not to panic, i had experienced this, its not bone fracture or any near it, it was just a kneecap dislocation.
  3. 4.50 pm - I called my husband, 2/3 times call tapi tak berjawab, usually pon if he was in office, dia mmg jarang angkat phone, sibuk katanya. 2 minutes after that, he called me back. Cerita kat dia what had happened, and he went straight home and told his boss he had an emergency. Meanwhile, while waiting for my husband to arrive, my mom sempat lagi masak sosej utk aku masa aku tgh sakit2, tanak bagi perut kosong. Huu..terima kasih ma, ure the best.
  4. 5.15 pm - Husband arrived. sampai2 je dia cakap die nak tolak sendiri kneecap aku masuk, tapi aku ckp NO, aku tak tahan sakit. Dia pon mcm tak keruan, sedikit panik, and he decided to go the the nearest clinic utk pggl doctor dtg tgk aku. But unfortunately, the doc could not entertain me sebab dia sorang je at that time dekat clinic, no back up doc, so the best he could do was to give me a very light painkiller, sebab painkiller is so dangerous for pregnant women. 
  5. 5.30 pm - Husband was back from the clinic with the painkiller. He said i need to take this painkiller, and put some ice on my injured knee, so that when i felt tingled, he could push the kneecap in the right location. after letak ais and makan painkiller, still i could not help myself to be brave enough to let my husband do it. At the end, my husband called 999 utk pggl ambulance angkat aku pergi nearest hospital which is Hospital Serdang.
  6. 7.15 pm - The ambulance arrived. Ada 2 medical officer dtg utk assist aku. Apa yg dieorg buat firstly sarung kaki aku utk immobilized kan kaki aku, sebab kaki aku mmg totally tak boleh gerak, if gerak jawabnye menjerit la aku kat situ. And then they put me on the stretcher and brought me to the ambulance. My sister accompanied me along the way to the hospital. Husband follow naik kereta dari belakang. First experienced dapat naik ambulance and it was awesome! hahaha. tak lah. tapi mmg laju la dengan bunyi sirennye, sungguh mendebarkan suasana. 
  7. 7.30 pm - Arrived at Hospital Serdang. I was pushed to the emergency room and aku ternampak papan tanda 'Kecemasan - Separa Kritikal'. Mcm tak percaye rase. Sampai situ, datang lah beberapa doctor yg semuanya kelihatan sungguh muda sekali, so I assumed they must be medical student yg tgh buat housemanship. They did some simple assessment on my knee, tekan2, picit2, and lastly they told me to wait for Ortho doc to arrive and examine me. FYI, my kneecap sebenarnye dah pon masok balik dekat soket masa aku sampai dekat hospital. Bila entah die in the right location aku sendiri tak perasan. Tapi rasa sakit tuh dah tak ade mase sampai emergency room. I was asked to take some pills, but then my husband told them, i just took the painkiller an hour before, so no need anymore medication.
  8. 8.30 pm - The ortho doc arrived. She looks young, i guess around mid 30's. She examined my left knee and lastly balut kaki aku pakai kain utk temporary support kaki aku. i was given a week MC and asked to come to see her again next week on Monday. 
  9. 10.00 pm - I was discharged from the emergency ward.
Below are some of the pictures taken by my husband. Utk kenangan kate nye. Haha

 My dislocated knee (left knee)

 Me, with baby inside the emergency room

 My left knee after being treated by the ortho doc at hosp. Serdang

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What do we do during Visit to Antenatal Clinic

Assalamualaikum. Hari nih rasa nak post and share a little bit of what actually do we do during the visit to the clinic for all pregnant women. Mesti ada sesetengah ibu mengandung yg wondering, kenape everytime dtg clinic, the same assessment, sometimes ada jugak extra tests will be done on us by our attending doc and midwives. Have you ever wonder, why we need to undergo all the assessments and what are the reasons behind all the tests/check ups? Maybe this post will give you brief ideas, serba sedikit knowledge (i know i'm not a doctor, tapi i have done a lot of reading and googled and my own experienced with my doc's consultation about this), therefore, i think i can share a little bit about this.

Firstly, the frequency of the visits. For to-be moms, you ladies must be wondering, when is the perfect time to do check-up once your are confirmed pregnant? Sebab aku dulu mcm tuh, right after pergi clinic utk sahkan aku pregnant, aku cam tertanya2, bila masa sesuai utk dapatkan consultation dari O&G specialist. From the book The Complete Book of Mother and Baby Care by Elizabeth Fenwick, the first visit to the clinic takes place at about 12 weeks of pregnancy, and to go once a month until 28 weeks. Visits become more frequent after this, every 2 weeks until you are 36 weeks pregnant. And that is what i experienced, and now i'm entering 37 weeks, i was asked to meet my gynae every week.

Below are the routine tests that have been carried out by the doc/midwife at every visit, to check that the pregnancy is progressing normally;

Test #1: Urine Sample on every visit
Why this test is a must:
  • traces of sugar, which if found repeatedly, could be a sign of diabetes
  • traces of protein, which could indicate that your kidneys are not working properly. If protein is found in your urine later in pregnancy, this could be sign of pre-eclampsia
How is the test being done?
You will be given a sterile swab of cotton wool to wipe yourself clean with, and a sterile container to pass the urine into. Pass a small amount of urine into the lavatory, and the collect the rest in the container, it is tested on the spot

Test #2: Height measurement (first visit)
Your height will be measured, the reason is this will be a guide to the size of your pelvis, remember dear ladies, a small pelvis can sometimes mean a difficult delivery. If you are over 152 cm tall, you are unlikely to have difficulties, unless you are carrying an unusually large baby. Want to know more about the relations between maternal height and pelvis size, please click here. There are some studies being done to show the maternal height and shoe size as predictors of pelvic: as an assessment.

Test #3: Weight measurement during every visit
You will be weighed at each visit to check that you are gaining weight properly. Ladies, don't worry if you are losing some weight during the first 3 months because of morning sickness, as this is usual,. If you gain weight suddenly in late pregnancy, this can be sign of pre-eclampsia.

Test #4: Blood Tests on first visit
Some blood will be taken from your arm to check:
  • your main blood group and your rhesus blood group
  • that you are not anemic; your blood will be tested for this again at about week 32
  • that you are immune to German measles (rubella)
  • that you do not have a sexually transmitted disease; e.g syphilis, which must be treated before week 20 if it is not to harm the baby

Test #5: General Examination during first visit
The doc/midwife will examine you physically, and listen to your heart and lungs. Your breast will be checked for lumps and inverted nipples. You will probably be asked about your dental health, and encouraged to go for a check-up.

Test #6: Blood Pressure on every visit
Your blood pressure is slightly lower in pregnancy, and it is measured regularly to detect any sudden rises and keep them under control. Normal blood pressure is about 120/70, and there will be cause of concern if your blood pressure rises above 140/90. Please take note ya all dear ladies, ramai yg tak tahu about this important thing.
Raised blood pressure can be a sign a number of problems, including pre-eclampsia. However, the stress of visiting a busy antenatal clinic, and waiting for the tests to be done, can also cause a higher reading than normal, so your blood pressure may be taken again. Ask the midwife to tell what your blood pressure is, if she does not mention it to you directly. It should be written on your notes or co-op card.

Test #7: Legs, Ankles and Hands on every visit
The doc/midwife will look at your lower legs, ankles and hands, and feel them to check there is no swelling or puffiness (oedema). A little swelling in the last weeks of pregnancy is normal, especially at the end of the day, but excessive swelling may be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Your legs will also be checked for varicose veins.

Above are some of the routine tests done during check ups at most of the clinics. Ada extra tests also being done such as Ultrasound scan, test to detect diabetes, serum screening, etc. That one will be on my next post, InsyAllah. For those who wants to know more details about pregnancy, skrg nih dekat bookshop dah banyak sangat jual buku guidance pasal pregnancy, tak jadi masalah utk mencari info ttg pregnancy, but this type of book mmg a little bit expensive la, no doubt la because byk colored pics and graphic yg menarik utk mudah difahami.  some more, internet pon dah ada skrg, just google anything you think you want to know more about. Sepanjang aku pregnant nih, aku ada baca 2 buku pasal pregnancy, and i think both really help me to understand and provide me info about pregnancy stages. Boleh lah usha mana2 bookstore, try carik buku seperti di bawah, simple words and easy to understand. Gambar pon byk dan menarik :) Good luck, ladies!

Book 1: BabyCenter Pregnancy from Preconception to Birth
Author: Linda J Murray
Price: Around RM70 ++

Book 2: The Complete Book of Mother & Baby Care
Author: Elizabeth Fenwick
Price: Tak tahu exact price because my sister lent this book to me. Thanks to her :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

myths VS truths about baby brain development

salam. something interesting i would like to share, taken from the book I bought at KLIA bookshop last week.

Author: John Medina

Here are some of my favorites:

Myth vs Truth #1

Myth: Playing Mozart to your womb will improve your baby's future match scores.

Truth: Your baby will simply remember Mozart after birth - along with many things she hears, smells and tastes in the womb. If you want her to do well in math in her later years, the greatest thing you can do is to teach her impulse control in her early years.

My point of view: What does it mean by impulse control? in layman terms, from the book and a little browse-through the internet, impulse control means that you need to work on not doing things impulsively or you need to think things through. From what i understood, i give a simple example, contohnya aku dah set dalam otak aku utk kuruskan badan, and then satu hari aku pegi jalan2 dekat mall lalu depan famous amos cookies store, tahu2 ajelah bau nye very the tempting. Controlling it means aku dengan kereknya terus berjalan tanpa beli sikit pon cookies tuh walaupon nafsu utk makan cookies tuh meluap2. ha, you get my point? itu maksudnya control of impulse. Jadi, lagi baguslah utk melatih anak2 dari kecil to control impulse at their early years. Tapi lagi afdal bagi anak dengar ayat-ayat alQuran dari dalam perut utk ketenangan jiwa mak dan baby yg dak? 

Myth vs Truth #2

Myth: Exposing your infant or toddler to language DVDs will boost his vocabulary

Truth: Some DVDs can actually reduce a toddler's vocabulary. It is true that the number and variety of words you use when talking to your baby boost both his vocabulary and his IQ. But the words have to come from you - a real, live human being.

My point of view: I strongly disagree parents yg suka bukak TV bagi baby/infants less than 2 years just to get them distracted. Tahukah anda, ada research pernah di buat oleh  group of researchers at the University of Washington tentang product Disney makes, Baby Einstein DVDs, and could you tell me what the results was? They were damning. The products didn't work at all. They had no positive effect on the vocabularies of the target audience, bayi berumur dlm lingkungan 1 tahun - 2 tahun. Bagi golongan bayi yg menonton baby DVDs or videos utk setiap jam dalam sehari, mereka faham an average of six to eight fewer words than infants who did not watch them. Can you spot the harm it can caused there? Jadi, berdasarkan kajian itu, maka lagi baguslah kita menahan anak2 kecil kita dari menonton atau menyajikan mereka dgn rancangan TV ketika mereka masih dalam linkungan umur kurang dari 2 tahun. Insyallah, the more we interact with them, the more words they can absorb from us rather than they learn from TV themselves. 

Myth vs Truth #3

Myth: To boost their brain power, children need French lessons by age 3 and a room piled with "brain-friendly" toys and a library of educational DVDs.

Truth: The greatest pediatric brain-boosting technology in the worlds is probably a plain cardboard box, a fresh box of crayons, and two hours. The worst is probably your new flat-screen TV.

My point of view: Teringat zaman kecik2 dulu, masa zaman takde DVD player, asal time petang je beria nak keluar rumah main baling selipar la, police entry la, masak2 la, kejar2 la, tangkap berudu dalam longkang la, semua yg libatkan fizikal aktiviti and imagination. Aku rasa, jenis permainan mcm tuh jauh lagi interesting dari dok tgk cartoon kat TV. Aku tak sure berapa ramai org agree dengan statement aku tuh, tapi there were some studies mengatakan, dgn aktiviti2 mcm tuh, kanak-kanak adalah lebih:
  • Creative: On average they came up with three times as many nonstandard creative uses for specific objects (a standard lab measure) as did controls.
  • Better at language: The children's use of language was more facile. They displayed a richer store of vocabulary and a more varied use of words.
  • Better at problem solving
  • Less stressed
  • Better at memory - Play situations improved memory scores; for example, kids who pretended they were at the supermarket remembered twice as many words on a grocery list as controls
  • More socially skilled - The social-buffering benefits of play are reflected in the crime statistics of inner-city kids. if low income kids were exposed to play-oriented preschools in their earliest years, fewer than 7% had been arrested for a felony by age 23. For children exposed to instruction-oriented preschools, that figure was 33%.
Jadi, biarkan anak-anak kita, bermain dengan riangnye di luar rumah tapi dengan pemerhatian kita risau pulak kes jenayah culik budak skrg nih pon makin menjadi-jadi but that's another story la. Jangan limitkan anak kita main dlm rumah ja dok ngadap iPad, TV, iphone, PS3 dan sebagainya. Not good.

Myth vs Truth #4

Myth: Continually telling your children they are smart will boost their confidence.

Truth: They'll become less willing to work on challenging problems. If you want your baby to get into a great college, praise his or her effort instead.

My point of view: Research shows that if we praise our child by their level of IQ, three things are statically likely to happen:
  • our child begins to perceive mistakes as failures - the reason is because we told them that success was due to some static ability over which they had no control, they starts to think of failure, contohnye dapat markah rendah dalam exam, as a static thing, now perceived as a lack of ability. Mereka akan fikir, kejayaan adalah pemberian rather than the governable product of effort.
  • as a reaction of above, they become more concerned with looking smart than with actually learning something.
  • they will also become less willing to confront the reasons behind any deficiencies, less willing to make an effort. kanak-kanak ini akan mengalami kesukaran utk mengaku kesilapan. There is simply too much at stake for failure.
Jadi, ingatlah, tak salah memuji kebijaksanaan anak, tapi perbanyakkan pujian pada effort atau usaha yg di lakukan olek anak2 kita. Jika sekiranya, sesuatu yg di usahakan anak-anak kita gagal, jgn pulak pi bantai emo sebab fail, tapi puji jugak sebab dia dah berusaha utk sesuatu. amboih. mcm pakar motivasi.

Myth vs Truth #5

Myth: Children somehow find their own happiness.

Truth: The greatest predictor of happiness is having friends. How do you make and keep friends? By being good at deciphering nonverbal communications. Learning a musical instrument boosts the ability by 50 percent. Text messaging may destroy it.

My point of view: It is important for us as parents to teach our child how to socialize effectively - how to make friends, how to keep friends - in order to make them happy. Sentiasa nasihati anak-anak cara-cara berkawan yg betul, sebab as we can see, kanak-kanak yg gembira, kebanyakannya mereka bergembira dapat bermain bersama-sama rakan2 instead of gembira sorang-sorang. Jadi menjadi tanggungjawab kita, utk monitor dan ajar mereka cara utk bersosial, teach them from the early stage, insyAllah, akan memberi kesan yg positif di kemudian hari.

5th visit to see Dr. Suhaiza

Today, 8th October 2012, i was scheduled to see my Gynae for weekly check-up. Firstly, nak introduce dulu who is my O&G doc, her name is Dr. Suhaiza Salleh, and stationed at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur. tak tahu exact age dia but her age is around mid 40's. kenapa pilih dia as my gynae doc, sebab reference daripada kakak sulung as one of her patient before this, and my sister highly recommend her to be my gynae doc sebab kakak kata dia very polite and sempoi. mula2 before i met her, i did not really believe what my sister told me, tapi after dah jumpa, terbukti dengan sahihnya dr. suhaiza nih sangat lah peramah dan mesra alam, plus hot plak tuhh tak mcm umur 40. jarang jumpa doc treat patient dia mcm dah lama kenal, and the best part is, if nak kongsi anything with her (of course la pasal pregnancy), tak rasa kekok atau janggal rasa mcm die kakak sendiri, boleh tanya anything eventho the questions seems too stupid to ask.hahaha. a little bit about her background, she is quite new at Gleneagles Ampang, before this she practiced o&g for about 7 years at UK, after that she decided to work best at M'sia, berbakti pada anak bangsa la konon katanya. tapi dari segi cara dia bercakap, seriously tak mcm org melayu yg dah lama tinggal oversea sebab die teramat la sempoi, takde nak speaking english gedik terlebih2, that's why i feel sooo comfortable anytime i had an appointment with her. as usual, anybody yg tgh pregnant and looking for o&g doc, i recommend you to have her as your o&G consultant, she is a nice doc. 

OK back to the story, gerak from rumah at 8 am, dgn harapan boleh sampai awal sebab usually after 3 times check up i went alone, jem tuh tak la teruk mana, if gerak at 8 am msti dalam 9 am dah sampai, tapi today not so lucky, we stucked with heavy traffic jam dekat MRR2, we arrived at Gleneagles around 10 am. 2 hours journey tuuuu, kesian hubby kene drive all the way, luckily dia tak ada nak rushing2 pergi office or ada urusan lain sebab dia dah informed earlier to his boss about this visit. kalau dia ada urusan lain, confirm dah emo plus sakit kepala plus marah-marah masa tgh jem2 tuh. biasa lah lelaki, mmg sifatnye begitu, wacehwah. OK sesampai je dekat hosp, pergi jumpa asst. doc diabetes dulu utk queue file dulu, sebab Dr. Faridah Ismail clinic nih mmg tak pernah tak ada org, even dah set appointment pon mesti kene tunggu at least plg kejap 45 minutes, org memanjang ramai campur dengan walk in patient nye. lepas check sugar, alhamdulillah OK, within tolerable range, straight pegi clinic Dr. Suhaiza plak. buat usual check-up, urine test, measure blood pressure, after 10 minutes masuk jumpa dr. suhaiza. 

Some of things that we discussed and did today:
  • birth plan consultation - Dr. Suhaiza advised a little bit about pain relief, EDD probably will be slightly earlier since i was diagnosed with Gastrodigestional Diabetes, probably on 22nd Oct will be my planned delivery date. 
  • 2D baby scan - alhamdulillah, baby now is 2.5kg, heart beat normal, peraliran darah di tali pusat normal, and everything looks good :D
  • Streptococcus Group B Bacteria assessment - test nih di buat pada semua pregnant woman di akhir stage of pregnancy. to know more about this, please click here. a little bit what i understood is, 1 of 4 pregnant women menghidapi jangkitan bacteria jenis ni, tak akan effect mother, tapi akan memberi kesan yg agak serious pada bayi pada kelahiran nnt. The test involves a swab of both the vagina and the rectum. the sample is then taken to a lab where a culture is analyzed for any presence of this bacteria. Test results are usually available within 24 - 48 hours. Semoga aku bebas dari jangkitan kuman nih. amin.
  • registration for delivery admission - so that tayah kelam kabut later if emergency nak deliver
Lepas tuh pergi jumpa Dr. Faridah, dia tgk record blood monitoring, syukur alhamdulillah, she said everything seems normal, cuma at late pregnancy stage nih, kene lagi berhati2 dengan pengambilan makanan bergula, the reason being is later when the baby is born, she will be a little bit weak because she depends too much on the sugar supplied by the mom while she is in the womb. Jadi, kena practise biar dalam womb baby sendiri aktif not because of over supplied sugar, tapi kadar nutrien yg seimbang.

After jumpe Dr. Faridah, we went straight home. Oh lupe, since dah menyusahkan husband teman one whole day, kami pon singgah sebentar di kedai game kegemaran husband, and guess what he bought for himself? game kegemarannye, Battlefield 3 (tak ape lah, main lah puas2...nnti dah ada baby tak de mase de nak ngadap ps3 tuh lagi dah..hehe).. OK next appointment will be on the 15th October 2012. hopefully, everything goes well. Ameen :D

Jem di MRR2 - it took 2 hours for us to arrive at the hosp. kalau time nih emergency nak deliver, tatahu lah nk ckp ape. redha je lah. mintak simpang laa...

my baby progress :D

this is the birth plan worksheet - nampak nama kat situ, i want my husband and my mom to be present during labor (in case terberanak before mama pegi Haji la of course)

admission card - just bring this card bila sampai masa nak deliver

best part! my 8 days MC - yeay cuti dan berehat

ini lah dia game baru kesayangan suami saya

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a birthday gift :)

Review of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25

OK, aku dah lama usha nak beli camera instant nih..the reason being is because aku suka printed picture instead of softcopy. aku suka tampal dekat softboard which i bought at IKEA few months back. before this, aku pegi kedai and 'cuci' all the pics, for 4R it usually costs around RM0.50, and mmg aku byk print gambar 4R pon. since pregnant, lama dah tak buat benda konon kreatif print2 gambar tuh sebabnye malas nak pegi kedai dengan perut boyot2 and tunggu turn until gambar siap, huhu. besides, aku mcm tiba2 feeling rasa nak buat scrapbook utk insyAllah my newborn baby later, so i need lots of printed pics of my baby later, so jln mudah is by buying this instant camera (still i will capture my baby pics with digital camera, tapi utk disimpan di dlm laptop shj lah).. first thing first, as usual i googled a lot about which instant camera fits my purpose. and since my hubs agreed to buy it for my birthday present (dgn syarat must be less than rm 500), aku pon buat lah product comparison utk brand Fujifilm shj yg harga sama waktu dengannya.. antara model yg menjadi pilihan ialah instax mini 7s, instax mini 25 and instax mini see what are the difference between this 3 models, please click here..(exclude other brand since ada trusted reference said Fujifilm instant camera is the best in the market so far)..the biggest difference is for model mini 7s, exposure mode is set manually while mini 25 and mini 50s are auto-set exposure mode, which i think very convenient to use. and the biggest difference between mini 25 and mini 50s is, mini 50s has this self-timer shot mode with auto 2 consecutive shot feature which i think its cool. tapi price nya of course expensive than the mini 25 because of that feature (exceed my budget so i decided to exclude this model in my selection). at the end of the day, i picked the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 because the price is within the range and features pon OK, i do not need the self timer since my purpose is to snap my baby picture alone

Inside the box:
  • Instant camera "instax mini 25"
  • Strap
  • Close-up lens
  • Panasonic Batteries (CR2)
  • Instruction Manual
Front view of the box

 Back view of the box

Close-up lens 

tadaaa~ the FUJIFILM instax mini 25 camera 

 Front view

Back View

 The Panasonic CR2 Type Batteries x 2

Sample of picture taken using instax mini 25 

 1-year warranty card

side view

Lepas puas belek2 the camera and read the instruction manuals, i tried the quality of the picture produced. Cuak gak la nak test sebab FYI, why some people said this instant camera is expensive not because of the camera itself but the film yg mahal, so far the cheapest i can get is to buy online, and it costs around RM26 for 10pcs of film. tapi campur postage fee gedebuk gedebak mahu RM30 gak la, same goes if i buy it at any photo store, jadi average price for 10 pcs of mini film is around RM 30.huhu thats why if nak snap picture kena betul2 meaningful occasion baru la tak rase membazir sgt if snap picture yg kite nak. ( ye..aku seorg penjimat, so what's the problem?) oh, cerita pasal quality gambar tadi, secara jujurnya, i love the produced picture so much! sharp, and color nye mmg tak lari..tak blur and as you can see in the sample of picture above, the pic was snap at 6 pm, the environment was quite dark, with the built-in auto-flash feature, membuatkan gambar yg terhasil sungguh menarik dan tak blur. i am so going to recommend this product to anybody yg tgh nak carik instant camera. whatever it is, i already bought this instant camera, now nak carik materials utk buat scrapbook. Good luck for me!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

baby stuffs wishlist #1!

still remember last time, i did my top 12 wishlist for myself? this time, tibe2 terasa nak buat wishlist utk baby stuffs pulak since now i am 9 months heavily pregnant, semua dalam otak fikir duit nak spend utk baby je. this list aku rasa takkan habis, sebab nowadays baby stuffs/apparels are like so many and too cute to not to buy. this is my 1st  round la kire nye... :)

(click to know more about this product)

(click to know more about this product)

(click to know more about this product)

(click to know more about this product)

(click to know more about this product)

As of now, ini sahaje dulu things in my wishlist for my baby. wondering why most of the items i picked pink? hehe, its because insyAllah i will be having a baby girl! :D insyAllah, slow2 kumpul duit ada bonus boleh dapatkan all the things inside the list. hehe....mari berusaha~ 

A short break

OK, pada 5th October 2012, aku dah hubby went for a short vacation dekat Grand Lexis, Port Dickson sempena menyambut our 1st anniversary perkahwinan kami. Actually, anniversary kami was on 16th September 2012, tapi we did not have the opportunity to celebrate it together since my husband was away for job commitment somewhere at China. To tell you the truth, pada hari anniversary tuh, sejujur2nya, hati sedikit kecewa sebab tak boleh celebrate together, tapi somehow i managed to get it through dengan tough dan tabahnye until my husband was back from China on 29th September which was a week after our actual anniversary date. tak ape lah, benda dah lepas, let it go. ok back to main story, since this is the first time we celebrate our wedding anniversary, aku mcm sedikit beria preparing to suprise my hubs for anniversary gift. beria tahap google apa suprise gifts yg menarik utk di beri pada hubby. in the end, aku decide to buy him a jersey, a box of cupcakes and semuanya ada Manchester United punye unsur2 since he is one of MU fanatic fan so layan kan aje lah..hehe..OK actually this post is not meant to write about our anniversary celebration, sebenarnye nak bagi review pasal hotel Grand Lexis, we all stay for a night only. we stayed in a Deluxe Room.
what we have in the deluxe room:

  • 1 king size bed
  • Glass panel for underneath sea viewing
  • Private swimming pool
  • Dry Kitchenette
  • Separate bath and toilet
  • Rain shower
  • Wall mounted hairdryer
  • Mini fridge
  • In-room safe box
  • Astro - limited channels
  • 32" LCD flat screen TV
  • Coffee and tea making facilities
  • Electric kettle
  • Telephone
  • Ceiling mounted air-conditioner
  • Free WiFi access
OK start from check-in, we arrived there around 1 pm, went straight to the reception desk, penyambut tetamu mcm foreigner, greeted us politely, receptionist pon senyum je all the time, very welcoming lah masa sampai2 only took 3-5 minutes check-in process je, lepas tuh kami di hantar ke room naik buggy car, sebab mcm jaoh gak kalau nak menapak ada la dalam 250m..sampai2, masuk room tak tgk kiri kanan terus carik pool and mandi~ hehe..lama actually tak swim tuh beria tuh... below are some of the pictures sempat ambik..please enjoy :D

The room access card

The cupcakes specially made for him <3 p="p">

zoom sikit cupcake gambar MU katenye :P

 ouh ouh this is the best part - the private pool! yummyeh~

 viewing the sunset

 ops, selit sikit gambar konon romantic

husband jakun tgk ada see through glass boleh tgk pantai bawah room :O haha 

small but convenient dry kichenette 

 the toilet

pool view at night :D

tuh saje pics yg sempat di snap. overall rating i would give during my stay here is ummm 8 over 10. the breakfast at Duyung Cafe i think biase je..takde yg extraordinary pon, lebih kurang je mcm 4 stars hotels yg lain i guess. itu pendapat aku la, aku tatahu la opinion org len cuma the best part of this hotel i think because of the private pool tuh je main attraction dioerang and the friendly hotel staffs. whatever it is, i still recommend this hotel for a short stay just to relax and have a romantic moment with the love ones. oh lupe, quite pricey jugak the hotel tapi berbaloi la kot dengan keselesaannye.... :D